Mama & Baby – Belly Talk

with Amy Moreland, RYT

Belly Talk involves more than just speech.  Learn how reading, talking, and playing music to your unborn baby allows you to bond and also gives your baby a kick start in life.   Your baby is growing very fast and as he or she becomes aware, they are first aware and respond to your voice, your heart and your presence the most!  Amy will explore with you the wonderful connection between mother and child.  This strong bond is emotional, spiritual and physical.  In this workshop expectant Mamas will practice yoga poses that prepares both Mama and child for labor, learn breathing and meditation techniques to communicate, calm and soothe, write in baby journals to help focus intensions for their baby and share their reflective thoughts about the transformation into motherhood.  What a fun way to celebrate your first Mother’s Days!


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Mama & Baby – Belly Talk
6:00 – 8:30pm

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