Baby Wellness & Massage

Learn and practice some essential techniques for using therapeutic touch with your baby – to help both of you bond, relax, and sleep better! Not only is it a beautiful and loving way to begin a lifelong relationship, but research also shows that these techniques:

  • Reduce gas and colic, allowing baby to sleep better
  • Help to strengthen and regulate respiratory, circulatory,
    nervous, musculature, and gastrointestinal systems
  • Begin a loving, intimate connection between parent & baby
  • Help the baby release the tensions of daily stimuli
  • Increase parent’s confidence and handling skills
  • Emotionally nourish your baby

We offer a two part series that can be taken individually or together.
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Part I – Intro See Dates & Times

An introduction to using therapeutic touch to promote health and balance in your baby — everything you need to know to get started, including:

  • Why touch & massage are used and how you can use them to help your baby (what other cultures have known for centuries!)
  • The importance of knowing when to massage your baby
  • How much pressure is safe to use and areas to avoid
  • Head to toe — basic movements and where to use them!

Part 2 – See Dates & Times

More specific applications and guided practice, including:

  • Special crucial strokes including relieving colic, gas, & constipation
  • Massage & baby yoga movements for fun & stimulating play
  • Knowing baby’s cues for massage & how they change as they age
  • How to adapt your massage to support your growing child into toddler & preschool age!
  • More hands-on guidance, “trouble-shooting,” and Q & A
  • Understanding and beginning touch early in life can improve the quality of parenting and family life and promote the well being of your precious little one!

Workshop|$55 per family (up to 2 caregivers)

*Advance Registration is Required


Lorraine McCarthy

Age Range

Best for prenatal parents or those with babies newborn through crawling.

PLEASE NOTE: NO BABY, AT ANY AGE, will predictably be quiet and alert AT CLASS TIME, for the FULL TIME. Don’t worry!
Parents who attend class without a baby or whose baby is not feeling receptive to massage during class will practice what they are learning on one of our dolls. You will receive detailed handouts to reinforce things you might only partially absorb while attending to your child’s needs.

Upcoming Class Schedule For Baby Wellness & Massage

Advance Registration is Required

1 space = 1 mom or couple

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If you are bringing baby, please bring 2 receiving blankets (ones you won’t mind getting a gentle massage oil on) and anything else you and your baby need.


Classes meet as small groups in a comfortable, nurturing class environment.


Attendance Policy

Since we keep small class sizes and reserve your spot, we cannot offer credits or refunds for classes canceled with less than 1 week notice.

Sick Policy

Please do not bring babies with an active cold or fever, but you may attend without baby, or send another caregiver in your place to get info and handouts.