Birthing Again (Refresher)

Birthing Again is a refresher class for all parents who have given birth before

— regardless of what type of preparation you did for previous births.

This class includes a refresher on all of the basics — breathing, focus & distraction techniques, labor positioning, partner support, and other helpful pain coping and comfort measures.

It is also tailored for moms/couples birthing again, meaning not wasting time on first-time-labor details and timelines that don’t apply to you, and instead clarifies expectations for 2nd or 3rd labors — attending to the ways subsequent labors can be expected read more

to be similar and especially how they can be vastly different!

It can be very difficult to find time and energy for preparation this time around. As a result, many couples underestimate the toll (in memory, mindset, and practice) that time has taken and don’t realize until labor begins that they needed a refresher.

If you had a good prior birth experience, a refresher can help ensure you and your team remember what worked and be ready to stear this labor that direction again — and problem-solve if something goes differently.

If you had a difficult prior birth, this class can help to clear your mind, reduce the anxiety and mistaken assumptions that may start to build up as the labor approaches, and prepare you and your support people to do things differently this time.

First labors also usually have a very different timeline and progression than subsequent ones, so it is crucial for parents preparing for a new birth to look for different signs and sensations this time and respond on a different time-clock!

Birthing Again is much more than just a refresher — it is an opportunity for a reconnection, a recommitment, and a renewal for yourself, your new baby, and your family.

    • Have you had much time to connect with this pregnancy and this baby?
    • Did you feel the coping skills you had helped you in your last labor? If so, are they as fresh in your mind (& your partner’s mind) as last time?
    • Did you get the support you needed from your partner, caregivers, and others during the labor and postpartum periods, and are they prepared to do so again?
    • How will what you learned last time serve you in this next birth, if this labor is very different than your previous experience?
    • Are your memories from your last birth helping or hindering your confidence and comfort as you think about this next labor and birth?
    • What info do you need to put your mind more at ease about how you and the whole family will adjust and have your needs met after this baby’s arrival?

This refresher course is led by experienced childbirth assistants who are also trained in the Birthing From Within style of preparation, as a thorough preparation for your entire experience in becoming a parent again to this new child and your new family unit.


$145 per mom or couple

Class Format

Offered over two weekend afternoons, when many families are best able to arrange for care of your older child(ren) so you may attend this class with your partner or support person to prepare together.

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Anytime around 26-37 weeks.
*Please note: This class is offered every 2-3 months.




couples to allow for optimal interaction with the material and other participants.

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