Birthing Naturally

Birthing Naturally (formerly listed as Bradley Method), Partner-Supported Childbirth Method

Harmony’s series on Birthing Naturally offers a practical system of simple, effective, and proven natural labor techniques, taught by long-time Bradley Method instructors.

This style of childbirth preparation is grounded in experiences which show that when a woman and her partner have in-depth information, support, and preparation, it greatly decreases the likelihood that she will need read more

or want pain medications (or most medical procedures) while giving birth.
Birthing Naturally recognizes that reducing unnecessary interventions, active involvement of the parents, and making informed decisions are important goals for many expectant parents.
This class helps prepare families to feel empowered to make educated decisions, to trust in their bodies, and to maintain respect for and the integrity of the natural, biological process of labor and birth.

These classes are taught with a light-hearted, caring, and evidence-based approach.We incorporate simple and thorough techniques which allow women to channel their inherant confidence, strength, and relaxed disposition through the process of labor and birth. The information, activities, and videos help couples develop realistic expectations and learn practical tools to minimize discomfort while allowing labor to progress smoothly.
The birth partner/coach will use the information and tools learned to maintain an active role in supporting mom during pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Birthing Naturally includes up-to-date study guides, videos, helpful resources, partner preparedness, and instruction on proper exercise and nutrition, anatomy and physiology of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stage labor, evidence-based care (discussing the effects, benefits, risks, and alternatives of interventions and medications for both mother and infant), complications and cesarean birth, and compiling birth preferences (also known as a birth plan) as a family.

This series is 8 weeks long to include time for mental, physical, and emotional preparation and practice, ways to stay healthy and low risk (which may help avoid later complications and allow for more options in labor), building confidence, education, and improving and mastering relaxation skills.


$450 per mom or couple
10% discount with Prenatal Basics Package.
*Advance registration is required.

Class Format
8 weeks, 2.5 hours each week. 20 hours total.
We recommend scheduling this class to end by 35-37 weeks of gestation, to allow time to incorporate what you gain into your birth preparations, reduce anxiety, and positively influence your birth mindset.
Upcoming Class Schedule For Birthing Naturally

Advance Registration is Required

1 Spot = 1 Mom or Couple

*Dates are in chronological order

Day Date Time Instructor
Thursdays7/11 - 8/296:30 - 9:00 pmLori Ismail4Register
Tuesdays8/27 - 10/156:30 - 9:00 pmLori Ismail7Register
Thursdays9/26 - 11/146:30 - 9:00 pmLori Ismail8Register
Tuesdays10/29 - 12/176:30 - 9:00 pmLori Ismail8Register
$25 to be paid to instructor at start of the class.
Class fee includes all other materials.


Classes meet as small groups in a comfortable, nurturing class environment.

Why is this class now called Birthing Naturally instead of the Bradley Method®?

Both of Harmony’s Birthing Naturally instructors are formerly certified Bradley instructors, until 2011, who believe in and birthed their own children using the Bradley approach!

Unfortunately, the Bradley organization does not allow for any variation from their original class structure, and it has become clear to many former Bradley instructors that there is a little bit that Bradley leaves out, or that isn’t quite as effective as it could be – and we could not make those changes while using the Bradley name.

With great respect for the role the Bradley Method has played in childbirth preparation over the years, we felt these small updates are truly important to helping parents prepare, so we have opted to let go of the Bradley name, in order to provide the most thorough preparation.

What changes are we talking about?
We can now offer a much more up-to-date, modern set of study-guides and workbook (not the old ’70s version many parents complained about!).

Our Birthing Naturally class takes place in 8 weeks of 20 hours, rather than 12 weeks of 24 hours, since many Bay Area families found it impossible to work 12 consecutive weeks of classes into their schedules. We can do this by offering some of the healthy pregnancy topics and review topics in home study modules that can be done on your own schedule.

We have also found it crucial to include the common practices and routines of Bay Area birth facilities and doctors/midwives, and to be able to address the needs, experiences, and decisions our local families are most likely to encounter, which are not the same across all areas of the country.

In this way, your Birthing Naturally class provides everything from Bradley, brought into the 21st century, and you have more options for scheduling and options for more in-depth supplemental classes in the areas of Breastfeeding, Newborn Care, and the Post-Birth Adjustment separately, if you desire.

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