Cesarean Birth: Being Prepared

What to Know In Advance

Whether you are planning for a cesarean or really hoping not to need one, giving birth by cesarean is at least a strong possibility for every modern pregnant woman (the local cesarean rate is between 30% and 40%).

Acknowledging and allowing yourself to learn about and prepare for this type of birth journey often releases anxieties being held in the mind and body, and allows women to experience pregnancy and the birth of their baby in an even more open, mindful way — sometimes allowing a labor to progress without stress blockages or cesarean, and sometimes enabling parents to experience the birth of their baby read more

by cesarean in a more peaceful and intimate way.

This workshop provides supportive information, awareness, tips, and tools for those who will give birth by cesarean, whether as:

  • A primary plan (for elective or medical reasons),
  • An unintended detour in labor, or
  • A repeat for a second or subsequent birth when VBAC is not available or not successful.

When you know more about what to expect, which decisions you still can make yourself that aren’t dictated by surgical routine, how your chosen support people can still help, and how to minimize mother-baby separations and maximize the likelihood of breastfeeding success, you are more likely to experience your baby’s arrival as a cesarean “Birth” rather than a “Section.”

Welcoming your baby into the outside world is a transformative rite of passage, and no matter which route is the ultimate method of arrival, parents can come away from the birth feeling they participated in decision-making, and did their best to be thoughtful, mindful, and to bring their love to each moment of their process.

Class meets as a small group of three to six moms / couples in a comfortable, nurturing class environment. Advance registration is required.


If you know in advance you will or are more likely to deliver by cesarean, we recommend taking this class between 24 and 32 weeks gestation, but anytime before the birth is fine. For those taking it “just in case,” whenever it can be fit into your schedule will work to supplement your other birth prep.


Upcoming Class Schedule For Cesarean Birth: Being Prepared

Advance Registration is Required

1 Spot = 1 Mom or Couple

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$37|per mom or couple

$32|as an Add-On to any childbirth preparation series or weekend at Harmony


Class fee includes all materials.


minimum|3 moms/couples
maximum|6 moms/couples
to allow for optimal interaction with the material and other participants.

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