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Yup – this one is men only – to take some pressure off!

Led by a father of two, this casual, honest workshop gives expectant dads time to ask questions and hear about the Dad’s role in the labor, birth, and postpartum — in guy-terms — without the presence of those radiant (and maybe a tiny bit hormonal) pregnant moms.

This class is somewhat tailored to the needs and questions of each group of participants, but commonly covered topics include:
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  • Labor from the partner’s perspective—a crucial topic that rarely gets enough (if any!) time in a regular childbirth prep class. Learn what you can do, some tips and tricks to offer when she looks to you for help, and prepare for how the process might effect you.
  • What is it really going to be like to see her in intense labor?
  • How to keep your own anxiety from transferring to her.
  • How can you help relieve her pain?
  • What things can you take charge of to help things move along as smoothly as possible?
  • “Guarding the space” so she can feel relaxed and safe and why that is so important.
  • How can you support her wishes about pain medication if they are different from yours?
  • When and how to speak up for her in communicating with the nurse, midwife, or doctor.
  • Schedule? What schedule?
  • Bonding with your baby, as the non-lactating partner
  • How can you get sleep, and help mama get the sleep she needs?
  • Going back to work and, more importantly,
  • Coming home from work
  • And any other needs or questions you bring!

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