Intro to Essential Oils

Have you heard people talk about essential oils and feel like you just don’t know where to start? Come join us for this informative, fun and hands-on workshop.

Discover the history and make-up of essential oils and how they work. Learn how to explore your environment revealing potential hazards and chemicals you come into contact with on a daily basis and ways to replace the chemical overload with essential oils.

What we will be going over in this class.

•History of essential oils

•Why are essential oils called essential?

•Components of a pure essential oil

•How do they work?

•How to use (inhalation,ingest, topically, diffuse)

•Your daily chemical load

•Chemicals in our environment & how to combat with essential oils

•Chemical cleaners verses cleaning with essential oils

•Questions & Answers


$45 per person

Minimum and Maximum Enrollment

minimum|  3 people
maximum|  20 people

Cancellation Policy

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