Little Bits (18mos-3yrs)

With yoga as the foundation, this playful and fun class offers moms/ caregivers some breathing and body-strengthening exercise, while incorporating unique toddler-friendly yoga poses, animal impressions, songs, stories, games, simple craft projects, and bonding time for the caregiver and yogini.

We also sprinkle in little bits of spanish, music, and even a little sign language for a multi-faceted and stimulating experience for kiddos and parents!

Activities allow caregivers to get some healthy stretching & strengthening, and even some well-earned relaxation while little ones to go in and out of focus, as appropriate to their developmental stage.
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When kiddos are feeling engaged, our flexible setting offers activities which promote awareness of self and others, motor coordination, energy release, calming, strength building, and stimulates their natural curiosity, all while having fun and bonding with their caregiver.

Age and developmentally appropriate props present sensory integration, for a rich but not over-stimulating learning environment.

When their attention is ready to shift, there are books, simple sticker or coloring projects to explore, or space to simply run, roll, or cuddle with mom.

Over time of focused and non-focused exposure, little ones gradually increase their skills at relieving frustration, playing cooperatively, coordinating their own movements, and follow directions gently, through social interaction, observation, repetition, and play — while their grown-up gets a little muscle toning!

Starting yoga play lays the foundation for a healthy and fit lifestyle while having fun. Come stretch, relax, play, and connect with other parents and children!


Linda Adleson

Little Bits


10:00am – 11:00am

Reserve Your Space!

Please note: You may reserve your space starting 3 hours before class time.  Always check our live calendar for unexpected changes to the schedule.

These classes are offered on a drop-in / package basis, to allow for flexibility around baby’s unpredictable schedules and mom’s needs. Registration is not necessary for drop-in classes.


$20.00|per child for Drop-in

Spring Discount!

Package of 3 – $54 ( Expires 6 months after purchase )

Minimum/Maximum Enrollment

maximum|10 children

Attendance Policy
Please do not bring children to class with an active cold or fever. Residual sniffles or cough may be ok if you feel confident it is past the contagious stage.