Yoga Seeds (3-6 yrs)

Yoga comes to life in these fun classes designed to stimulate a young child’s imagination, maintain flexibility, and develop conscious breathing and even self-calming (believe it or not…). This is special time for kids to explore their creativity, senses, and just plain silliness together.

Playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises, games, and imaginative relaxation techniques, bring their sometimes scattered energy into a happy place while building self-confidence through a sense of achievement.

Hop like a frog, sway like a palm tree… inspired by yoga, but made for kids! read more

YogaKids® Foundations trained instructor, Linda Adleson, sprinkles in music, stories, and age-appropriate props to spark your child’s inner yogini while enhancing focus, coordination, and cooperative play skills. Classes balance active & passive poses to match kid’s energy and offer relaxation and self-control skills along with the joy and playfulness in every class.

Class is geared towards ages 3 to 6. We create a space where children can participate at their own comfort and there are no strict expectations.

We know that each child, depending on age and personality, will connect more to some activities than others, and will naturally join at their own pace — watching sometimes, distracted sometimes, and fully engaged at others. This allows them to absorb and learn and stretch their skills and comfort in their own time, without pressure or competition.

In this class, we plant seeds and trust that with time and nurturing they will grow in exactly the way that is right for them.


Linda Adleson

Yoga Seeds


4:00pm – 5:00pm

Reserve Your Space!

Please note: You may reserve your space starting 3 hours before class time.  Always check our live calendar for unexpected changes to the schedule.

These classes are offered on a drop-in / package basis, to allow for flexibility around baby’s unpredictable schedules and mom’s needs. Registration is not necessary for drop-in classes.


$20.00|per child for Drop-in

Spring Discount!

Package of 3 – $54 ( Expires 6 months after purchase )

Minimum/Maximum Enrollment

maximum|10 children

Attendance Policy
Please do not bring children to class with an active cold or fever. Residual sniffles or cough may be ok if you feel confident it is past the contagious stage.