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Parinaz Ghavami, RYT

Pure Prenatal Yoga
Yoga for Moms

Parinaz is a warm and radiant instructor who leads a lovely, supportive Vinyasa Flow class for pregnant mamas, with an emphasis on building strength, relaxation, and providing a calming space to step away from the stresses of life and pregnancy.read more

She took her first yoga class in 2002 and immediately fell in love with yoga. Since then, yoga has been a part of her life.

In 2010, she decided to pursue her dream of teaching yoga to share the joy and peace that she feels through yoga with other people. She received her 200 hr teacher training at Avalon Arts and Yoga Studio in Palo Alto, CA with mentorship of Louis Jackson, and has been teaching since then.

Her style of teaching is alignment based, mindful with a lot of focus on breath. She is passionate about supporting moms through pregnancy and she is currently going through the same journey as a yoga student at Harmony, expecting her first baby in May 2013.

What students have said:

“I really enjoyed [her class]!! Would love to have more classes from her.”

“I thought she was absolutely wonderful. I rarely compliment a teacher, but at the end of class I told her how much I enjoyed her class. She’s much more yoga-based, with some great relaxation techniques, and just the right amount of move your body while doing things that are only right for being pregnant. I’d love to attend more of her classes.”


Lorena Michel Martinez, RYT

Whole Birth Prenatal Yoga
Pure Prenatal Yoga
Playful Yoga w/Baby

Lorena has always been passionate about yoga, and has grown into a deep connection to pregnancy and parenting support over recent years, bringing her to Harmony.read more

Her classes are fun, dynamic, and focused on alignment, meditation and pranayama. Her practice is highly influenced by Anusara and Vinyasa styles.

She first explored teaching yoga with a 200 hour Teacher Training at Avalon Yoga Center in Palo Alto. She soon knew she wanted to develop her teaching further, and attained her first Prenatal Yoga Certification at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center, followed by a Whole Birth Yoga Teacher Training with Robin Sale.

Lorena has deepened her foundation in pregnancy, birth, and early parenting through the Birthing From Within professional training, which further enhances her ability to support and inform women in finding their path through pregnancy and parenting.

Her drive to deepen the expertise she offers her students led her to expand her yoga studies and complete a 108-hour Anusara Immersion with Kenneth Graham at Yoga of Los Altos followed by the 100 hour Anusara Teacher Training.

After the birth of her son, Diego, her passion for leading Mom & Baby classes was ignited, and she completed the Mom & Baby Pi-Yo Play Teacher Training and apprenticed for mom & baby yoga under Julianne Rice, the South Bay’s most experienced Mom & Baby instructor (who now retired from Harmony).

Lorena is passionate about integrating her yoga training to empower women and share with them the gift of yoga for a more fulfilling pregnancy, birth, and motherhood experience. Her own pregnancy and birth experiences served to deepen her understanding of how yoga can support and enrich that journey.


Amy Moreland, RYT

Pure Prenatal Yoga
Yoga for Moms

Amy took her first yoga class 11 years ago because someone told her it would be a tough workout. The class lived up to the physical challenge she was hoping for and she was hooked! read more

She realized that she was drawn to a personal practice that didn’t involve competition, providing a freedom to simply love to move, and to do so at her own healthy pace.

In her classes, Amy seeks to make the experience of yoga freeing, refreshing, and fun for her students.

Amy is moved by what a truly remarkable time pregnancy is in a woman’s life — exciting, challenging, and confusing as the body changes through each stage. In her own pregnancy, she found that practicing yoga offered balance and helped her body feel stronger, more relaxed, and rejuvenated, and her intention is to help other women find their own strength and calm to help them through their own process.

Amy Her classes also seek to support pregnant and new mamas in making peace with their changing body, in connecting with their growing baby and other moms, and in connecting with their own instincts, power, and balance.

Whether the goal is to start yoga as a beginner to support a healthy pregnancy, to modify a personal practice to safely continue to enjoy yoga during pregnancy, or to specifically prepare the body for childbirth, prenatal yoga with Amy provides an experience that will enhance this incredible journey.

She feels blessed to have studied with phenomenal teachers throughout her journey, including Kimberley Dashiell Danza in LA in ’03, Jillian Glikbarg, and Mark Stephens for both her Vinyasa Flow certification and prenatal training.

As a dancer, she was drawn to the Vinyasa Flow yoga style, a flowing and creative style of yoga, to which she brings a foundation in anatomy and alignment to further ensure safety and precision. In her teaching, she prioritizes mindful sequencing – building a path that moves the body from one asana to another in a safe and fluid way.

Finally, as a mother, Amy is well aware of the pressures expectant and new moms face around pregnancy and parenting decisions, and seeks to offer unbiased support, resources, and a fully open heart to the women with whom she works.

For more about Amy, see her website


Linda Adleson, RYT

Playful Yoga with Baby
Little Bits Play Yoga

Linda discovered yoga many years ago and from that very first class she has remained passionate and dedicated. She became a 200 Hr. Registered Yoga Teacher at Avalon Art and Yoga Studio in Palo Alto, CA under the mentorship of Samantha Shakti Brown. read more

Continually drawn to teaching children she went on to become certified as a YogaKids Facilitator/Teacher completing the 300 Hr. Advanced Training Practicum. This methodology created by Marsha Wenig of the highly regarded YogaKids videos and books blends traditional yoga and its benefits with new theories of multiple learning styles educating the whole child. Through asana (poses), stories, games, and crafts the children explore the mind/body connection and the yogic principles of interdependence and oneness.

In her first few years of teaching, Linda encountered many children that faced unique challenges. Guided by her desire to reach each child she decided to take the Basic Training from Sonia Sumar author of the book “Yoga for the Special Child”. Sumar’s method uses yoga therapeutically to strengthen and bring harmony to those with special needs. This training provided Linda with the tools to reach those children who may experience the learning process in different ways.

While teaching children she was also offering classes to adults and families. Seeing the great benefit and wisdom in teaching yoga to mothers with infants, crawlers, and toddlers, she then studied with Julianne Rice, learning to combine music, dance, and yoga in a beautiful way to provide exercise and community for new parents.
The organic evolution of teaching adults, families, and children brought Linda to getting certified in The Nine Moons Prenatal Yoga Program of Candace Garrett. This thorough training helped to deepen her understanding of prenatal and postnatal needs.

Regularly seeing the benefits of this ancient practice enrich and support positive development in all ages, she continues to study yoga and it’s many therapeutic uses.


Nanci Shakthi Nardona E-RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP, CMT

Nanci’s energy, joy, passion, and experience are a real gift to Harmony and the students with whom she works. This comes across clearly as her classes are always in high demand. Her classes are fun and full of variety with focus on safe alignment and healing the body with yoga.read more

Building community is something she valued during her own pregnancy while practicing Whole Birth Yoga which is one of the many reasons she loves teaching Harmony families.

She was introduced to yoga in 1990 while on an Ayurvedic meditation retreat and has been passionate about it ever since. Her yoga studies begin in L.A. with world-renowned teachers Rod Stryker, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, and Bryan Kest.

While pregnant with Giavanna in 2001, she attended her first Whole Birth yoga class and discovered her true calling. While five months pregnant, she became certified in Whole Birth Yoga specializing in prenatal and postnatal yoga with Robin Sale. Continuing her yoga studies with Joyce Anue in 2003-2004, Nanci completed the Y.E.S. teacher training and became a Registered Yoga Teacher (200-Hour RYT) of Hatha yoga with Yoga Alliance. In 2009, she added her certification in Therapeutic Yoga with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal. Nanci completed an Anusara Immersion with Samantha Shakti Brown and Kenny Graham in 2012, followed by a teacher training in March 2013. She continues to study with Anusara-trained teachers Samantha and Kenny, along with Siri Peterson, Alice Kennedy and Kelly Blazer, who have formed the Balance Action Yoga (BAY) School. Nanci will complete her goal of 500-Hour E-RYT in February 2015.

She is a member of BABI (Bay Area Birth Information), a certified massage therapist, a Reiki practitioner, and a life-long student of Ayurveda, or life-knowledge, the ancient sister science of yoga. She leads weekly yoga classes at various locations in prenatal and postnatal yoga, gentle yoga, therapeutic yoga, and eclectic hatha flow. She also facilitates yoga workshops here at Harmony as well as the Aum Ayurveda Retreat Center and Almaden Yoga which include yoga and massage for prenatal couples, partner yoga workshops, and seasonal workshops. She loves teaching students of all ages and stages of life. Besides yoga and meditation, she especially enjoys being in nature and spending time with friends and family, especially with her daughter, Gia

Visit www.aatmayogawithnanci.com for a complete list of her classes and workshops.


Megumi Burr-Tolliver, CMT, RYT, CD

Massage Therapist
Prenatal Yoga
Yoga for Moms

Megumi discovered her passion for supporting the mama journey while in Holistic Health Practitioner training in 2007. It was this training that inspired her to complete both massage therapist training and doula training, and eventually to combine these two fields to specialize in massage for moms.read more

Megumi is continually grateful for the two years she worked as a birth and postpartum doula, which gave her an intimate understanding of the experiences of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She continues to build upon this understanding through ongoing trainings, as well as engaging daily with mama clients and students, friends, and the local birth professional community (to all of whom she is grateful for the opportunities to both support and learn).

Megumi added movement to her work with moms when she became a Dancing for Birth(tm) instructor in 2011. Since then, she has completed training as a yoga instructor with specialization in pregnancy yoga, through Laughing Lotus Yoga and Nine Moons Prenatal Yoga.

In her yoga classes and YogaDance Mama classes (the latter in Fremont), Megumi emphasizes guidance from our inner wisdom and compassionate awareness. These two themes are also expressed in her other work of passion, co-leading transformational retreats (for moms and non-moms alike) with her partnership, Shakti Spiritual Health


Barb Silvester, CMT, RYT


Barb began practicing ashtanga yoga in New York City in 1995, around the same time she decided to give up her career in investment banking to pursue her passion and become a massage therapist. read more

Barbara moved to Sydney, Australia to attend Nature Care College where she acquired two diplomas in massage (massage and lymphatic drainage). She also did a pregnancy massage training there that ignited her interest in using massage and yoga to support women before, during, and after pregnancy. While in Australia, Barb practiced a variety of different styles of yoga including Qi yoga, anusara, restorative and vinyasa.

Within several months of returning to the States, she opened Bodhi Bliss, a center for yoga and massage, in Milford, PA. Barb completed her first 200 hour yoga teacher training at Atmananda in New York City in 2005. Within her first year of business, she also completed her 500 hour yoga teacher training also at Atmananda.

In its seven years of business, Bodhi Bliss offered yoga to an array of students ranging from beginners to experienced yogis, and including pre and postnatal yoga mamas. She was also massaging up to 30 clients a week, using Swedish massage and Lymphatic Drainage.
Barb has led more than a dozen 200 hour yoga teacher trainings, several workshops ranging from “Yoga and Essential Oils” to “Yoga for Bad Backs” and taught private clients-both pregnant and not.
After the birth of her son, she found a new appreciation for yoga because of how helpful it was with her own pregnancy, the process of birth, and bouncing back after birth. Barb has long been passionate about the wonders and challenges of pregnancy, and going through the process herself clarified her resolve to help other women develop and benefit from yoga practice throughout their parenting years.
Her yoga classes will ignite and inspire you. They offer a fun, nurturing, informative, and peaceful experience that will feed your body and soul!



Sonya Padron, RYT

Yoga for Moms

Yoga has been a constant in Sonya’s life since 2001 and she continues to experience its healing effects on a daily basis. Sonya is a graduate of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco, Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda, and Cornell University. read more

She has spent many years studying with senior Iyengar instructors and focusing on women’s health. Sonya blends her knowledge and experience as a yoga instructor, birth doula, Ayurvedic life coach, and mother-of-two to help women navigate their journey through motherhood.

Jennifer Holz, RYT

After spending more than six years in corporate sales and marketing, Jen relocated to the Bay Area with her husband and their fur baby, Sage, a 4-year old Vizsla. In February 2013, Jen joined the Harmony team as Connections Manager and has been working to bring you new classes, programs, events and soon – retail. read more

She has enjoyed applying her knowledge and skills to a new industry and feels blessed to be surrounded by such an incredible community as she and her husband embark on their very own pregnancy journey.
In addition to her work at Harmony, Jen is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, specializing in women’s health. Jen believes in living life to the fullest, always with a smile, a hug and a grateful heart.
Learn more about Jen on her website, here.