Mothering The Mama

Most pregnant women take exceptional care of their bodies, and most new mothers take exceptional care of their babies, but not themselves. It’s a rare woman who makes her own mental and physical well-being a priority after giving birth. Now that you have your baby in your arms, you owe it to yourself and to your family to make healing and self-care a priority.

Post-Natal Recovery: Optimal Healing after Birth. Healing your postnatal body.

It’s not all about the baby- Come learn how to truly heal holistically after birth.

Care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally after birth.

Learn ways to invite others to help, and make your Post-Natal Recovery Plan.

Evidence-based info balanced with age-old remedies and cultural practices from around the world.

Local resources and DIY home remedies.

Post-Natal planning, beyond the birth plan and newborn feeding chart- this is for YOU.

Nipple care, nutrition, hormones and what’s really going on down there.




Anytime before or after the pregnancy is a great time to attend the workshop.


$75 (Mom’s only)

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