Private Yoga Session

  Sonya Padron

Yoga has been a constant in Sonya’s life since 2001 and she continues to experience

its healing effects on a daily basis. Sonya is a graduate of the Iyengar Yoga Institute

of San Francisco, Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda, and Cornell University. She

has spent many years studying with senior Iyengar instructors and focusing on

women’s health. Sonya blends her knowledge and experience as a yoga instructor,

birth doula, Ayurvedic life coach, and mother-of- two to help women navigate their

journey through motherhood.


Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are a great way to help you settle into your new and changing

body. These one-on- one sessions are tailored to your needs -whether you are a new

or experienced yoga student or a soon-to- be, new or seasoned parent.

Based on an initial conversation with you, Sonya will put together a custom

sequence of breathing and yoga postures in the Iyengar tradition. Together, you will

work on different breathing techniques and postures, making sure you feel

comfortable with each technique and pose so that you may continue to practice

them on your own.

Private yoga sessions are perfect for anyone who:

  • Is new to yoga and wants to learn more before joining a public class
  • Has chronic pain, injury or trauma that requires special attention
  • Seeks professional guidance in creating a home practice
  • Wants one-on- one time to go deeper into the postures
  • Is unable to make it to public class times
  • Dads and caretakers who also want self-care!

Yoga is an ideal form of exercise because it encourages relaxation, flexibility, and

strength in a completely gentle and non-strenuous way. In offering private yoga

instruction, our goal is to make yoga accessible to every age and every body.


Sonya Padron, CSC 

Private Yoga Session

If Sonya travels, must be within a 15 mile radius location of Harmony & Birth.

Dates Available: Sunday, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays


60 minutes |$70


Secure Registration

You may register securely online with VISA or MC using the link next to your chosen date.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your consult before it takes place, we will deduct a small $5 Processing Fee when processing your refund.

*Please register for the month during which you would like to schedule the consult, then call or email the office. We will put you and the instructor in touch to schedule your appointment.

Advance Registration is Required.

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