Mamas & Movers Yoga Playgroup

Some yoga for moms, some playing for kiddos…

We keep it flexible and fun — the only way to be with those active scoochers, crawlers, and toddlers!

There is still breathing, toning, and yoga for moms and babies together, but now that babies are mobile, the activities grow with them, some structured, and some going with the babes’ attention.
Class includes music, movement, and creative play. More and more, babies enjoy watching and interacting with one another, and their exploration is harnessed to be part of the experience, rather than having it pull moms away from trying to practice yoga, exercise, or connect with other moms.

As always, at Harmony, class is a comfortable, supportive environment where moms can meet other moms, enjoy special times with their babies, and not have to worry about having their babies “bother” others.

Prior yoga experience is not necessary to join these classes and enjoy this special time!

This is a fun, laid back class for exploration and community. You may begin anytime after your baby is too mobile to enjoy our Mom & Baby Yoga classes, and up until 18 months or running (when it’s time for our Little Bits Yoga Playgroup !).

Ongoing Mamas & Movers


11:30am – 12:30pm

Reserve Your Space!

Please note: You may reserve your space starting 3 hours before class time.  Always check our live calendar for unexpected changes to the schedule.

These classes are offered on a drop-in / package basis, to allow for flexibility around baby’s unpredictable schedules and mom’s needs. Registration is not necessary for drop-in classes.

Sick Policy

Please do not bring children to class with an active cold or fever. Residual sniffles or cough may be ok if you feel confident it is past the contagious stage.


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