Establishing Healthy Baby Sleep Habits

Join certified sleep consultant Danielle Rowe to learn what you can do to establish healthy sleep habits!

Intro Class:
Teaching your child healthy sleep habits is the best gift you can give them. This workshop will teach you how to set your family up for success.

We will cover healthy sleep habits and how to establish them, sleep expectations per age group, when and how to set up an age appropriate sleep schedule, common sleep issues, as well as answer any personal sleep questions you have.

Other topics covered may include:

  • co-sleeping
  • sleep training,
  • nap expectations,
  • sleep products,
  • and more.

Together we can get your family sleeping better.

50 minute Private Consultation:
A 1 hour consult will consist of an in-depth analysis of my Assessment Form. We will go over sleep expectations for the age of your child, develop an appropriate sleep schedule, and answer all questions you have that are specific to your child, parenting style, and sleep challenges.


Danielle Rowe, CSC

Age Range



Intro Class:
$65| Single or Couple

Private Consult:
$100|50 minutes – Phone or Skype

$150   |   50 minutes – Home Visit

Class Format

1 day, 1.5 hours

50 minutes on phone or in person

Upcoming Class Schedule For Sleep Workshop

Advance Registration is Required.

1 Spot = 1 Mom or Couple

No Schedule found for this workshop.

Upcoming Schedule For Consults
*Please register for the month during which you would like to schedule the consult, then call or email the office. We will put you and the instructor in touch to schedule your appointment.

Advance Registration is Required.

No Schedule found for this workshop.


You may want to attend class without baby if age-appropriate, to allow for your own maximal focus and retention, but babies in arms are welcome. Please consider stepping out of the room briefly if your baby becomes distracting to other participants.

*Breastfeeding in class is always appropriate.


minimum|3 Families
maximum|15 Families

Attendance Policy

Since we keep small class sizes and reserve your spot, we cannot offer credits or refunds for classes canceled with less than 1 week notice.

Sick Policy

Please do not bring babies if you or they have an active cold or fever, but you may attend without baby, or send another caregiver in your place.