Breastfeeding Essentials

A Must-Have for Pregnant Parents.

While breastfeeding, like birth, is a natural process, that doesn’t mean it is without challenges. This course is designed to give participants LOTS of practical information before the birth to help mom and baby get the best chance at a good start with breastfeeding.

Key topics for moms and partners to already know during the first nursing attempts with their new baby include how to achieve and recognize a good latch (baby tummy, neck, chin, mouth, & tongue positioning), avoiding and correcting a painful latch, how much colostrum (early milk) does a newborn need in the first days, realistic weight loss and gain expectations for the first few days and weeks of life, how your hand positioning could help or hurt the latch, and much more.
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There are many common pitfalls that can be avoided with advance knowledge, and obstacles that can be much more quickly recognized and overcome with preparation. The knowledge and exposure from this class for both moms and partners can smooth your postpartum breastfeeding process considerably — and trust us, you need fewer obstacles at this time, not more!

You can always get help from experts after the baby arrives, as needed, but you will be nursing your baby many times each day and night when there is no nurse or lactation consultant around. You need good preparation, and an informed partner to support, reassure, and help you remember those helpful basics from class!

This class will also prepare expectant parents for some of the common challenges that nursing mothers may encounter throughout the first few weeks, such as:

  • nipple preparation
  • engorgement
  • positions of comfort
  • storing and heating breast milk
  • blocked ducts and breast lumps
  • going back to work and more.

This class is more in-depth than its hospital counterparts, taught by experienced lactation consultants, and our small class size guarantees increased opportunity to get hands-on guidance, have questions answered, and interact with the instructor, class material, and other expectant parents.


Generally taken around 28-37 weeks of gestation, or staggered with your other Basics and Childbirth Prep classes, so as not to pack too much into a short time window.

Upcoming Class Schedule For Breastfeeding Essentials

Advance Registration is Required

1 Spot = 1 Mom or Couple

Day Date Time Instructor
Tuesday2/26:30 - 9:30 pmJanet Dombro8Register
Thursday3/116:30 - 9:30 pmJanet Dombro8Register

$72 per mom or couple
10% discount with Prenatal Basics Package.


Class fee includes all materials, including handouts with reminders, reference information, and referrals for further help once baby arrives.


Both parents or primary caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend.



couples to allow for optimal interaction with the material and other participants.