Now What? Preparing for the First 6 Weeks

A Must-Have for Expectant First-Time Parents.

Before you find yourself at home with your new and often unpredictable baby, sleep schedule (or lack thereof!), hormones, body, and parental identity to incorporate into your relationships,…Now What?? can help you prepare in a positive and practical way for the changes this birth and new baby will bring.

An experienced postpartum care provider will give you a real picture read more

of what this amazing but challenging time might be like, as well as some practical tips on how to make this transition as smooth as possible.

When feeding, changing diapers, and being consumed with every wonderful and worrisome detail about this precious new life is taking all of your time,…

  • When/how will you SLEEP?!
  • What are realistic expectations for yourself and your partner during this adjustment period?
  • Who feeds the grown-ups?
  • Common issues and concerns in the early weeks postpartum – like how do the normal household tasks get done, and what was that thing called a shower again?
  • The physical & emotional changes for moms and partners
  • What happens to everything you used to devote time to?
  • Making a plan for getting your “me-time” activities back to head off feeling stuck
  • What if one of you gets feeling overwhelmed?
  • Understanding the ups-and-downs: and when to ask for help
  • How to stay connected as partners and bond with the baby
  • Working together and developing your rhythm

This is not about the nuts and bolts of baby care…
this is about everything else!


Ideally taken around 26-32 weeks of gestation, to allow the information and discussion to help you make plans for a smoother adjustment after the birth, but if you can’t take the class that early, take it whenever you can — it is indispensable anytime before the baby arrives!

Upcoming Class Schedule For Preparing for the First 6 Weeks

Advance Registration is Required

1 Spot = 1 Mom or Couple

Day Date Time Instructor
Sunday12/62:00 - 4:30 pmSusan Jaciow8Register
$72 per mom or couple
10% discount with Prenatal Basics Package.

Both parents or primary caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend.


Minimum of 3 and maximum of 7 couples to allow for optimal interaction with the material and other participants.