Birthing From Within®

Birthing From Within®(BFW) is holistic, flexible, and in-depth preparation for birth and parenthood.

Acknowledging that parents and birth attendants can influence, but not totally control how a birth unfolds, this class is intended both for those hoping to minimize/avoid the use of pain medications as well as those planning an epidural or unsure, but who would like to stay present, mindful, and involved throughout the birthing process.

As with any complete childbirth preparation class, parents will learn lots of practical information about the stages and physiology of labor, breathing and other pain coping/comfort measures, pushing and the birth of the baby, and what to expect from medical providers, medications, procedures, etc. read more

In addition, BFW classes go beyond more traditional types of childbirth classes, in that the structure and content of the class prepares parents for how they will really experience labor – physically and emotionally, not academically!

Each week, parents are introduced to, practice, and master a variety of proven pain-coping exercises, including breathing, focus and non-focus techniques, massage, physical positioning for comfort and progress, and more, and will build their skills and confidence.

Dads/Partners will learn coping skills and get actual practice leading the expectant mom through “practice contractions.” Childbirth preparation must also provide birth companions with not only information and practice, but also an understanding of all of the things that will help the mother move through her labor, and what companions can do to create, support, and protect those conditions.

You will learn practical information through a multisensory approach that engages mind and body, with thought-provoking dialogues, introspective exploration processes, and active practices to help you discover what you need to know to be resourceful giving birth and becoming a parent. Each class is individualized to meet the unique needs of its participants.

Birthing From Within preparation does more than just transmit information. It also helps couples learn how to remain present, mindful, and involved no matter how labor unfolds.

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This class brought us closer together.  I feel like we are much better prepared to handle anything that comes our way.


per mom or couple | $365

10% discount with Prenatal Basics Package  

Class Format

6 Week Series

One night each week, 2.5 hours each night.  15 hours total length.

Allows participants to absorb a little at a time, with time to read, process, and practice between classes.


Weekend Immersion

Friday evening 2.5 hours, Saturday full-day, Sunday half-day. 15 hours total length.

Includes the same content, but over a single weekend, for those for whom this schedule is a better fit. This immersion format allows participants to move through the information and practices sequentially throughout the weekend, mirroring how they will experience labor (though with 2 night’s sleep and some down-time in between!).

Advance Registration is Required1 space = 1 mom or couple

*Dates are in chronological order

Day Date Time Instructor
Sundays11/8 - 12/136:00 - 8:30 pmStephanie Freeman8Register
Timing – When to take?

Plan around 20-24 weeks gestation, since classes may not start exactly on. your ideal week and you may need to begin earlier.


Start class at 26-30 weeks, ending 32-36 weeks gestation at the latest.

Many parents prefer to end around 32-33 weeks to allows time to incorporate what you gain into your birth preparations, reduce anxiety, and positively influence your hormones and birth mindset.


Please purchase Birthing From Within by Pam Englad on your own in advance, or at Harmony at the start of the class for $20.

Class fee includes all other materials.

Minimum and Maximum Enrollment
Classes meet as small groups in a comfortable, nurturing class environment.

minimum|3 moms/couples
maximum|7 moms/couples

Cancellation Policy

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