Comfort Measures for Labor

Comfort Measures for Labor Workshop

It’s Go Time.  It’s the Day Of  : the birth of your  baby.  The instructor will guide you from the moment contractions starts to pushing time.   This class can be taken as a stand alone informative workshop, a birthing refresher and as Part 3 of Harmony Child Birth Express.

This labor workshop provides you with specific tools for coping with labor and navigating your birth setting. We will walk you through tips for pre-labor, early labor, and active labor, to increase your comfort and confidence and promote smooth labor progress.

I am planning to have an epidural… so I don’t need this, right? Click Here

We will teach you important 3rd trimester pregnancy exercises to coax baby into a good birth position (including some partner stretches to practice at home), and introduce/practice breathing and massage techniques to help you manage your labor as a team, including specific tips and techniques for partners, so they can help “make it better.”read more

This workshop is led by an experienced labor assistant, and incorporates some of the most useful coping methods from a variety of childbirth preparation styles, as well as tips gleaned from years of experience helping women and couples navigate their labors. These include:

  • breathing, focus, and distraction techniques;
  • supportive body positioning to reduce pain and promote progress;
  • how to encourage optimal fetal positioning;
  • hands-on and hands-off ways a partner can help (including massage, compresses, physical support, encouragement, progress milestones, and facilitating positive communication of needs with caregivers);
  • and a review of additional props and environmental cues moms say worked for them!

For first-time parents, this workshop is intended as an addition to your childbirth series, not as a stand-alone class. It will put what you’ve learned into context and practice; add to your classroom learning; and give you both a feel for the rhythm of labor, so coping can come naturally and actually help you once labor begins.

We recommend pairing this workshop with the Harmony Childbirth Express, or with hospital or doctor’s office classes you may have already chosen — especially if you’re taking an express one- or two-day childbirth class. Many parents have told us their out-of-Harmony classes did not include adequate time for actual labor coping strategies and practice, nor did they inspire confidence or peace of mind.

This class assumes participants already have a basic knowledge from reading or other classes regarding what to expect from the stages of labor, when to call and/or go in, common medical procedures, medications, possible variations and complications, cesarean, etc, from a regular prep class.

If you have not been able to take any other class and no longer have time, you are still welcome (it is better than nothing!), but please know this class will not be able to answer all of your questions.

We recommend taking this class after your basic childbirth class, if possible, so you already have the context of stages of labor to which to add these coping skills, but that is not required. 
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$136|per mom or couple
$122|as Part 3 (Add-On) to the Harmony Childbirth Prep Weekend Express at Harmony
Class fee includes all materials.
minimum|3 moms/couples
maximum|7 moms/couples
couples to allow for optimal interaction with the material, instructor, and other participants.

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I am planning to have an epidural… so I don’t need this, right? Women are advised to go in to the hospital when (or only after) their contractions are 4-5 minutes apart and lasting about 60 seconds, consistently over the course of at least an hour. This means there may be a number of hours in early labor when you and your partner are working through contractions at home together.

In addition, once an epidural does become available, sometimes it does not take away all of the intense sensations, so most parents want to have some coping strategies to help them through the times when you will need tools for relaxing, breathing through contractions, releasing muscular tension, and getting active support from your birth partner.

Whether you are planning for an epidural or hoping not to use pain medications, labor is an intense experience, both physically and emotionally, and some reassuring preparation and practice can help reduce anxiety, stress, and pain and promote couple’s teamwork and healthy progress before, during and after labor & birth!