Harmony Childbirth Express

This is our “basic” childbirth preparation class.

Parts 1 & 2:

Through discussion, videos, practice, sample scenarios, and incorporating a variety of techniques, this course gives a personalized overview of both “normal” labor patterns and also variations to help you prepare to move through your unique labor. read more

What will contractions be like; what is happening in the body and how can you help it; how to time contractions; when to call your doctor/midwife and when to go to the hospital; an introduction to breathing and “coping”; basics about monitors, IV’s and other common medical procedures; what kinds of pain medications are available and when; what to do in the “pushing stage”; what happens after the baby is born; …and much more.

Get an unaffiliated look at your own role in the process, ways to communicate positively and effectively with your caregivers, whether to create a birth plan, and what to expect from your care-provider and birthplace, including familiarizing with policies, standards (and where there is flexibility), and some of the common medical practices and medications. Most importantly, know your options so you know you are making good informed decisions about your baby’s and your care!

Part 3:

Comfort Measures for Labor: Learn and practice personal coping mindsets and techniques for any type of labor, as well as crucial partner support tools. This includes breathing techniques, relaxation, massage, positioning, and how your partner can help! read more

Since there is time in every labor during which you’ll need to “get through” contractions, whether you use pain medications or not (these are not available until the later stages), we recommend taking all 3 parts.

For parents hoping to delay or avoid the use of pain medications we recommend one of the longer, more thorough childbirth prep styles, OR if you are choosing our weekend express class (or taking one at your hospital/provider’s office), we strongly recommend taking the Part 3, Comfort Measures for Labor Workshop, to provide enough coping, comfort, and support ideas and practice to support your goals for your labor. Read more about Part 3.


1 & 2: $212 |per mom or couple

Part 3: $122| $14 discount on Comfort Measures for Labor ,when registered with Harmony CBP (1 & 2)

10% discount with Prenatal Basics Package

Timing – When to take?

Plan around 22-25 weeks gestation, since classes may not start exactly on your ideal week and you may need to begin earlier.

Upcoming Class Schedule For Harmony Childbirth Express

Advance Registration is Required

1 Spot = 1 Mom or Couple

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Class Format

Parts 1 & 2: 2 days, 4 hours each day. 8 hours total length.

Part 3: 1 day, 4 hours.


Class fee includes all materials.

Minimum and Maximum Enrollment

Classes meet as small groups in a comfortable, nurturing class environment, to allow for optimal interaction with the material, instructor, and other participants.

minimum|3 moms/couples
maximum|7 moms/couples

Cancellation Policy

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