Prenatal Fitness

Drop-In, Mixed Levels

Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to embrace and experience pregnancy, increase strength and flexibility, and prepare for the complexity and joys of labor, birth, and motherhood.

Prenatal yoga is specially tailored to safely strengthen and tone the physical body during pregnancy; ease aches and physical discomforts that come from inflammation, added weight and shifting center of gravity; relax and calm the mind; and nourish the spirit of both mom and baby.

Many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy, including low back and sciatic pain, insomnia, and swelling respond well to regular practice. read more

Through the practice of mindfulness, breath awareness, asana practice, and guided relaxations, women can support their physical health and strength while learning what works for them to aid them in surrendering to their experience.

Yoga also helps to train the mind and body to work together to soften and open which is essential for labor, birth, and motherhood.
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Prior yoga experience is not necessary, as classes are tailored to individual needs.

“These classes gave me strength, confidence, eased pains, and were more calming than I ever could have predicted. It was the best thing I did for myself in my pregnancy!”

Class Format

You can drop-in for any of our prenatal yoga classes. Advance registration is not necessary.