Yoga Pricing & Policies


Single Class Credit
Package of 5

Package of 10

Package of 25
$20 $19 per
$95 total
$18 per
$180 total
$16.50 per
$412.50 total
18 months
from date of
Using Credits

Drop-In Credits may be used for any drop-in class of equal value.
This includes PREnatal and POSTnatal classes, so if you are pregnant, you do not need to use all of your credits before your baby is born!

After your baby arrives, you’ll want to re-join the community for Yoga ‘N Play with Baby as well as Yoga or Pilates for Moms, and your credits are still applicable for these and other classes.

Movers, Toddlers, and Kids’ Yoga classes are priced separately, and generally run as an advance registration sessions, but if you still have valid drop-in credits you’d like to apply towards one of these sessions, just let us know and we’ll be glad to transfer their value to the session.


Yoga & Fitness credits are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase, so you’ll have plenty of time to use what you purchase.

Transfers & Refunds

Yoga & Fitness credits are not refundable except for serious long-term medical exceptions.

Upon request, valid drop-in credits may be transferred to Movers, Toddlers, and Kid’s Yoga & Fitness registration-based classes.

Credits are not transferrable to massage or other types of classes or services at Harmony. Package discount prices are offered on the understanding that you will attend the included number of fitness classes, so we appreciate your effort to use them as intended.

How many credits do I have left?

You may access your account anytime through our website, or ask at the front desk and we’ll be glad to let you know your current status.

Schedules & Subs

Occasionally, drop-in classes will need to be cancelled for a holiday or other unavoidable reason, or will have a substitute instructor. Please check our main calendar and click on your desired class to check for any such changes.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that will allow you to move easily. Avoid very loose clothing that may make you feel exposed in leaning positions.

Please avoid perfumes and other strongly scented products when coming to yoga or fitness classes, as these can become overwhelming while trying to breathe deeply in a room together, and many pregnant women have a more sensitive nose.


Bolsters, straps and blocks are all provided by Harmony, but you are always welcome to bring your own. Some yoga mats are available for use, but if you plan to practice regularly, we encourage you to get your own mat.

It is important to stay hydrated in pregnancy, especially during exercise. Please bring a bottle of water for yourself, but if you need more or forget, Harmony has filtered water and bottled water available for $1.

Have more questions? Try our Frequently Asked Questions page or our Getting Started page for more helpful tidbits. Or contact the office, we’re glad to help.