Harmony Childbirth In-Depth

This is Harmony’s childbirth preparation class with a more comprehensive approach.

6 Week Hybrid Childbirth Prep

Drawn From teachings and techniques of many different types of childbirth preparation philosophies and practices; integrating mindfulness, guided meditation and visualization, birth art techniques as well as comprehensive, unbiased exploration of modern home and hospital birthing protocols and offerings. Originally designed and organized by Deidre Lorenzo, she shares her wisdom from over 500 births as a doula, and countless training’s over the span 12 years regarding the human reproductive system, the birthing process and the importance of support during labor. Currently the course is being taught by Tawny Knight who also has her own richness of Doula and birthing education experience. This is a comprehensive, holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Best for: Those with or without a  strong desire to avoid pain medications.



$365.00 |per mom or couple


10% discount with Prenatal Basics Package

Timing – When to take?

Plan around 22-25 weeks gestation, since classes may not start exactly on your ideal week and you may need to begin earlier.

Upcoming Class Schedule For Harmony Childbirth In-Depth Preparation

Advance Registration is Required

1 Spot = 1 Mom or Couple

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Class fee includes all materials.

Minimum and Maximum Enrollment

Classes meet as small groups in a comfortable, nurturing class environment, to allow for optimal interaction with the material, instructor, and other participants.

minimum|3 moms/couples
maximum|7 moms/couples

Cancellation Policy

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