Sleep Solutions Consults

  Danielle Rowe

Connect with certified sleep consultant Danielle Rowe to learn what you can do to establish healthy sleep habits or improve sleep patterns for your baby (and you)! Danielle brings over excellent experience and a detailed and compassionate approach to this sometimes overwhelming topic.

Sleep Solutions Consults

Rather than a group class, where there is never enough time to really tailor the content to each family’s needs (which are SO varied when it comes to sleep!), we offer this consult format, which means a) it is all about you and and your baby, b) you don’t have to wait for the next scheduled class date, c) you can schedule it to fit into your day, and d) you don’t have to pack up 50 things and get somewhere on time for this help!

In a 50 minute video, phone, or in person consult, parents will receive one-on-one help from Danielle in making step-by-step changes to their routines, and implementing their chosen strategies.

She’ll have you make a 24-Hour Log Sheet for you to record your baby’s patterns before your consult, which will provide a good jumping off point to have the most productive session possible.

With this approach, Danielle can work one-on-one with families to establish implementation steps to correct, adjust, or introduce processes that will aid you in achieving your family sleep goals, according to your values and needs.


Danielle Rowe, CSC 

Attendance Policy

Since we keep small class sizes and reserve your spot, we cannot offer credits or refunds for classes canceled with less than 2 week notice.

Sleep Solutions Consults

Video is preferred if at all possible (rather than phone), to allow you to see one another and really connect, and Danielle is available via Google Hangouts, Facetime, or Skype.


50 minutes – Phone Or Skype|$100

50 minutes – Home Visit|$150


Secure Registration

You may register securely online with VISA or MC using the link next to your chosen date.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your consult before it takes place, we will deduct a small $5 Processing Fee when processing your refund.

*Please register for the month during which you would like to schedule the consult, then call or email the office. We will put you and the instructor in touch to schedule your appointment.

Advance Registration is Required.

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