Getting Started

We look forward to meeting you!

Choosing A Class

Use the navigation on the left to browse our class descriptions and get a feel for what we offer for each stage of life, to learn more about our instructors, and to see our schedule and other details.

Try ‘em out! Each instructor brings her own style, personality, and format to her classes, so we invite you to try several to see how they fit with your own personality and goals. If you aren’t finding what you need, the office will be glad to help steer you in the right direction.

How To Sign Up / Sign In

Most of our classes are drop-in, which means you do not have to register in advance, but can arrive 5-10 minutes before class and usually get a spot.

To ensure a space in your desired drop-in class, you are welcome to purchase one or more credits in advance, and use our secure online advance check-in a couple of hours before class.

Save Time. Create an account online now to minimize paperwork when you arrive for your first class. This does not involve any commitment, it just puts you in the system, so you don’t have to write out the information by hand in person.


You can buy 1 or more class credits securely online before you come, to further streamline your check-in process before class. This way, you can check-in easily, get settled, and relax into your first class without waiting in a line, fishing for payments in your purse, and processing a payment hastily before class.

Also: Class credits are good for any drop-in class, any day, and will not be “used” until you actually show up for a class and sign-in (or use advance check-in online). Basic Credits apply to all pre- and post-natal classes — and are valid for 18 months, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to use what you purchase.

Arriving For Class

If this will be your first visit to Harmony, PLEASE see our Location & Hours page to help you find us easily and find parking. We are in a small building complex, so unfortunately mapping sites and GPS do not get you all the way to our front door!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. This will give you time to do what you need to be at your mat and ready to begin when class starts (including check-in, remove your shoes, empty your bladder–again– change clothes if needed, find a space in the room, collect needed props & blankets from the shelves, turn off your cell phone, sit, and breathe).

Let Us Welcome You

Please make sure to let us know it is your first time at Harmony so we can give you a Welcome Packet (including coupons!) and orient you to our space and amenities.

It’s All About You, Baby

Participating in fitness classes at Harmony is to enhance your personal health and wellbeing, so always listen to your body and stay within the safe edges of your own comfort level.

We expect to help each mama adjust the movements in class up or down, as desired, so speak up! Each woman in unique and at all different stages of pregnancy, recovery, and life, so work within your own range and let us know how we can help. Notify your instructor of any questions, physical limitations, pains, or uncertainties you have.


Have more questions? Try our Frequently Asked Questions page for more on when to start, what to bring, and more! Or contact the office, we’re glad to help.