Yoga for Moms

Yoga for Moms: Returning to Balance

Once you have a child, you know that pregnancy was not the only source of physical and emotional challenges!

Discover how yoga is specially tuned to helping your body heal, repair, build, and balance in the months/years after childbirth. Your body doesn’t just need “exercise” right now, it needs careful expert-led attention specifically to: read more

  • Re-toning the pelvic floor muscles (to regain sexual sensation and prevent or stop incontinence),
  • Strengthening abdominal muscles weakened and stretched from pregnancy CORRECTLY (after stretching pelvic floor so as not to cause more problems),
  • Stretching and releasing neck, shoulders, and back that build tension and pain from feeding, holding, and LOTS of bending,
  • Gradually rebuild physical/cardio endurance.
  • In addition to the physical benefits, Harmony’s Mom’s Yoga classes are created to offer women – without their babies – the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and other moms through breath, asana, and relaxation.

This class offers moms a time just for you — to take a bit of time for yourself, to rediscover and truly honor your own needs, power and beauty — time when you needn’t worry about the next diaper change, meal, or how to help someone else.

Continuing (or starting!) a personal yoga practice after having a child not only attends to your own health and fitness needs, but completes a circle of honoring every member of the family, teaching our children to care for and honor themselves by modeling self-care — not ignoring the importance of Mom’s health, once there is no longer a baby in-utero!

A little bit of sanctuary to replenish the spirit and energy (and maybe even stretch and strengthen the body!) for moms whose energy mostly flows out to caring for others.

Moms must refill their own cup, in order to have something to give. Come stretch, care for your own health and body, and breathe deeply in your own body. You deserve to treat yourself to a little bit of you!

Prior yoga experience is not necessary, as classes are tailored to individual needs. Moms with 6 week olds and 6 year olds are equally welcome and need not be a first-time mom.

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Saturdays1/18:30 - 9:40 amNanci Nardona18Register