Moon Goddess Yoga


Moon Goddess Yoga ~~ Gentle Moon Salutations ~ This Wednesday night class is for
all ages and stages of life for any woman needing some “me” time to unwind the day
and to prepare for deep rest and relaxation. This class is appropriate for beginners as
well as the seasoned yogi. We begin with centering with the breath to release the day,
followed by a gentle moon sequence to release tension and move just enough prana
(life force) to relax your nervous system, moving with the energy of the cooling
moonlight. NOTE: If you are in the postpartum period, you can begin after you have
been cleared to resume all activity. If you have any health concerns or issues, please
consult your midwife or doctor. The best indicator to know that you are ready is by how
you feel. Poses can always be modified to suit your needs.

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